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We will look at all aspect of your finances, looking at the settlement agreement itself and helping you understand and see exactly how this will impact your lifestyle now and in the future. We will go through your budget to ensure you have a clear picture of expenditure versus income. We use software which is a financial planning visual tool that will show you how money enters and exits finances. It aids in decision-making, expense planning, and maintaining sufficient liquidity.

 Cashflow modelling is invaluable during the divorce process because it provides a clear financial outlook. It helps divorcing individuals make objective decisions, align financial goals, and long term planning. It's a crucial tool for understanding the financial impact of divorce and planning for post-divorce stability ensuing  you don’t run out of money.

Cash flow modelling minimizes conflicts and acrimony in divorce by offering a clear view of finances. This transparency fosters informed discussions, reducing ambiguity and promoting fair decision-making. By using cashflow modelling, individuals can navigate financial complexities more smoothly, easing the overall divorce process.

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Financial Decisions Made Simple

Untangling your money matters during a divorce is tough. The choices you make at this time will have a big impact on your future finances. Usually these decisions are made when you're feeling emotional, and you might not realise their full effects until later. With our guidance, support and objectivity, you'll make confident, stress-free financial decisions, free from emotional bias.

In conjunction with a solicitor or meditor , a financial planner can play a pivotal role throughout the divorce process. While many individuals seek the guidance of a financial planner once a divorce settlement has been agreed upon, engaging their services early on can contribute substantially to shaping the terms of the settlement itself. We assist those undergoing divorce in making well-considered choices, reorganizing their lives and regaining control over their financial future.

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