Andréa Patterson - Divorce Financial Planning Expert

Andréa Patterson QFA
" A secure financial future doesn't just happen, its planned"

Andréa  Patterson's groundbreaking approach at Divorce Financial Planning Experts (DFPE) is designed to alleviate the stress and anxiety experienced by divorcing clients. Andréa 's journey started with a moment of inspiration while working with a new and highly visual financial planning tool. Recognizing the potential impact on divorcing couples, she adeptly modified the software to create the Divorce Financial Planning Programme, a tool specifically tailored to guide clients through the intricate process of assessing their financial situation during and after divorce.

This innovative program doesn't just crunch numbers; it provides a visual representation of a couple's financial standing, offering a clear view of their financial trajectory.

DFPE's service extends beyond the numerical aspects. Andréa engages in meaningful discussions with clients about their new lives, goals, and life events. The program facilitates scenario planning, allowing clients to explore different options, build budgets, and consider tax implications. By evaluating settlement offers within the system, clients gain a nuanced understanding of how these offers align with their new financial needs from the present day until mortality.

The comprehensive financial support provided by DFPE during this challenging time empowers divorcing clients to make informed choices about their financial future. Andréa's empathetic approach, coupled with the innovative Divorce Financial Planning Programme, not only guides clients through divorce but also sets them on a path toward long-term financial security, offering clarity, confidence, and peace of mind throughout the process.

Andréa 's professional journey includes pivotal roles that uniquely qualify her to build comprehensive financial plans. As the Personal Financial Planning Manager at Amergin Group, she honed her skills in maximising personal wealth from businesses, collaborating with accountants, and tailoring plans to specific life stages. Her experience as a Business Development Manager at Lisduff Fine Foods showcased her adeptness in expanding customer bases, managing distributors, and navigating the intricacies of the FMCG sector. Additionally, her tenure as an Independent Business Owner at Phoenix Beauty Ltd demonstrated her prowess in developing accounts from startup. This diverse background equipped Andréa with a holistic understanding of financial intricacies, developing her abilities in financial advisory, project management, customer experience, and problem-solving.  These diverse  experiences uniquely positions Andréa as a seasoned professional capable of crafting nuanced and effective financial plans for her clients at Divorce Financial Planning Experts.


About us

DFPE, or Divorce Financial Planning Experts, was born out of personal experiences and the observation of friends navigating the complexities of divorce. We intimately understand the profound impact that financial matters can have on the divorce process. Our approach is not just rooted in expertise but is deeply personal, drawing inspiration from our own journeys. We recognise that divorce brings about emotional challenges, and our mission extends beyond providing financial guidance. At DFPE, we offer a unique blend of emotional support and an unbiased perspective to guide you through this transformative period.

What sets us apart is our commitment to tailoring advice to your specific needs, at a pivotal time in your life,  utilizing advanced financial modelling tools to create clear and understandable reports. We know that tensions can run high during divorce, and our unique ability to  de escalate conflicts and encourage cooperation leads to the best possible outcomes, ultimately reducing stress for all family members involved. Our primary goal is to simplify the divorce process, saving you valuable time and money as you pave the way for your new future. 

Trust DFPE to be your partner in this journey, offering comprehensive support that goes beyond financial planning, ensuring clarity, confidence, and peace of mind for you and your family.


Our Mission

Our mission at Divorce Financial Planning Experts (DFPE) is to be your steadfast companion in navigating the intricate financial landscape of divorce. We recognise the challenges posed by the family court system, its prolonged waiting times and associated high costs. At DFPE, we offer a transformative approach. Led by Andréa Patterson, our Director, who, drawing on her extensive experience as a Personal Financial Planning Manager and a visionary financial adviser, has spearheaded the creation of an innovative Divorce Financial Planning Programme. This unique tool visualises your financial standing as an indivudal or as a couple, empowering you to assess settlements with clarity. We go beyond numbers, engaging in meaningful conversations about your new life, goals, and events. Our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive financial support system, enabling you to make informed decisions that not only streamline the divorce process but also lay a solid foundation for your financial future. Trust DFPE to guide you through this challenging time, offering clarity, confidence, and peace of mind, because your financial well-being matters.


Our Approach

At DFPE, we pride ourselves on a collaborative approach that extends beyond financial expertise. We understand that divorce is a multifaceted journey, and that's why we closely collaborate with a network of professionals, ensuring you have access to the comprehensive support you need. We firmly believe that knowledge, coupled with a supportive community, can transform a contentious divorce into a more amicable and constructive settlement.

When you choose DFPE, you're not just choosing a financial planning service; you're joining a community that is dedicated to empowering individuals during one of life's most challenging transitions. We provide you with the tools and unwavering support necessary for a smoother journey through the complexities of divorce. Our mission is to alleviate the challenges of this process for each and every one of our clients, ensuring a path to resolution that is not only financially sound but also emotionally supportive. Join us at DFPE, where we prioritize your well-being, saving you precious time and resources as you navigate towards a brighter future.