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Our Divorce Financial Planning Service

Our service caters for individuals or couples navigating the intricacies of financial decisions during or post-divorce. Our service makes financial decisions easier, as you see your finances in real time. This shows you the implications of different options and how each decision effects your long-term financial future.
  • We meet with our clients where we get a clear understanding of their current situation and discuss their new life goals.
  • Collection of all relevant data.
  • Creation of different financial scenarios for your evaluation and a financial plan.
  • We meet with our clients again to review their financial options, sharing reports and observations. We discuss budgeting, income versus expenditure, so our clients have a clear understanding of their new financial situation.
  • We adjust plans after our discussions and represent the new plan. This ensures our customers have a clear picture and understanding of their new financial plan, which gives them great peace of mind and the confidence to move forward with their new life.
  • We can then help clients source any products required to ensure a secure financial future.
Let us help with our Divorce Financial Planning Programme

We'll help you build a secure financial plan

S - Supportive Conversations and Scenario Assessment  
E Enhanced Financial Visualization   
C - Comprehensive Budgeting for Financial Stability
U - Untangling Your Taxes    
R - Revised Planning for New Life Goals and Events
E - Empowering Your Financail Future

Let us help with your divorce financial planning and increase financial clarity

Why Engage a Divorce Financial Planner?

During a divorce, individuals often find themselves overwhelmed and stressed as they face a myriad of changes in their lives. It's a moment when everything they've known for years, or even decades, is turned upside down, and they are left with a multitude of questions. One of the initial concerns that frequently arises is, "Where will I live?" This is often swiftly followed by the question, "How will I sustain my lifestyle?"

As skilled financial planners we can play a crucial role in the divorce process, collaborating with your legal counsel and empower you with the knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions to restructure your financial life. Engaging a financial planner early in the process can be instrumental in shaping the terms of the settlement itself or if you have received your settlement we are here to help you plan the next phase of your financial life.

Gain INSIGHT with Our Divorce Financial Planning Process

- In-depth Client Discussions and Understanding
N - New Goals and Life Events Evaluation
S - Scenario Creation for Financial Implications
I - Income, Expenditure, and Liability Examination
G - Gap Analysis for Financial Planning
H - Holistic Asset and Budget Assessment
T - Tailored Recommendations for Financial Security

Though our processes, we strive to genuinely know our clients, navigating their divorce journey with a sincere understanding of their concerns and aspirations. We meticulously discuss assets, income, expenditure, liabilities, and budgets, delving into their new goals and life events. We collect comprehensive financial data, skilfully surveying their present financial situation and their envisioned future. With this foundation, we craft various scenarios tailored to their desires, showing the implications of different financial decisions made now has on their long-term financial security. This results, in  robust financial plans and clients who have clarity and understanding of where they are heading financially, giving security and peace on mind.

Financial Decisions Made Simple

Untangling your money matters during a divorce is tough. The choices you make at this time will have a big impact on your future finances. Usually these decisions are made when you're feeling emotional, and you might not realise their full effects until later. With our guidance, support and objectivity, you'll make confident, stress-free financial decisions, free from emotional bias.

In conjunction with a solicitor or meditor , a financial planner can play a pivotal role throughout the divorce process. While many individuals seek the guidance of a financial planner once a divorce settlement has been agreed upon, engaging their services early on can contribute substantially to shaping the terms of the settlement itself. These professionals assist those undergoing divorce in making well-considered choices, reorganizing their lives, and regaining control over their financial future.

Let us Guide You

Predicting Your Financial Future

We will look at all aspect of your finances, looking at the settlement agreement itself and helping you understand and see exactly how this will impact your lifestyle now and in the future. We will go through your budget to ensure you have a clear picture of expenditure versus income. We use software which is a financial planning visual tool that will show you how money enters and exits finances. It aids in decision-making, expense planning, and maintaining sufficient liquidity.

 Cashflow modelling is invaluable during the divorce process because it provides a clear financial outlook. It helps divorcing individuals make objective decisions, align financial goals, and long term planning. It's a crucial tool for understanding the financial impact of divorce and planning for post-divorce stability ensuing  you don’t run out of money.

Cash flow modelling minimizes conflicts in divorce by offering a clear view of finances. This transparency fosters informed discussions, reducing ambiguity and promoting fair decision-making. By using these models, individuals can navigate financial complexities more smoothly, easing the overall divorce process.

Divorce financial planning One of many reports available for clients

Developing relationships and building strong financial plans 

5 Steps to Financial Security

As you go through our programme and follow the five steps, not only are you are working with a professional who is focused on achieving the best outcome for your financial future. They'll help you understand your finances better, which reduces your anxiety and stress, giving you the confidence to more forward with your new life

How it works

1. Needs Analysis

Our divorce planner will ask you questions about your financial situation, goals, and life events. These are the building blocks that will help to develop your unique financial plan.

2. Data Collection

Pick the Service that's Right forYou

Our services offer a range of options to ensure you find the perfect fit for your unique circumstances

Comprehensive Service            

This service caters to individuals navigating the intricacies of financial decisions during or post-divorce. Our service makes financial decisions easier, as you see your finances in real time. This shows you the implications of different options and how each decision effects your long-term

financial future.

  • Discussions on immediate and long-term financial responsibilities and objectives, plus your financial goals and life events
  • Review of financial documents
  • Analysis of assets and liabilities
  • Assessment of current income and expenses
  • Recommendations for dividing assets and liabilities.
  • Assistance in creating a post-divorce budget.
  • Guidance in crafting a sustainable post-divorce financial plan and retirement strategy.
  • Detailed analysis of tax implications of the divorce settlement.

Advanced Service

Our specialised support extends to couples in pursuit of a harmonious process with expert guidance during settlement negotiations, fostering an amicable resolution that benefits all parties involved.  This service takes the acrimony out of divorce and can save you time and €€€'s in court fees.

This service creates a financial plan for both people involved, thereby creating visibility for all, showing assets are being divided in a fair and equitable manner.

  • All services provided in our Comprensive  Planning Service
  • Assistance in negotiating a settlement agreement

Premier Service

This service is for individuals who are going through an acrimonious divorce and need assistance in investigating other party’s documents.
  • All services provided in our Comprensive Planning Service
  • Investigate and gather information by reviewing affidavit submissions, bank statements, and various other documents to identify any inconsistencies or discrepancies
  • Assistance in finding and working with a divorce solicitor and other necessary professionals

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When can I retire and what will my retirement look like?

Will my family be financially secure in the event I require care or pass away unexpectedly?

What potential tax liabilities might I face?

How can I optimise my savings, investments and liabilities?

Is there a strategy to generate income while minimizing tax obligations?

How can the proceeds from selling my business be best utilised?

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